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what are you worth in the market?

What are you worth in the market?

You work hard, build your career, gain the skills, experience and training required and deservedly increase your salary and worth in the process. When it comes to applying for the next opportunity in your career, what are you worth to the next employer? What do they perceive you are worth and what is the new […]

personality testing

Personality Testing – The First Test

We are all familiar with personality profiling and testing however the one personality test that is not always considered, well before that, is the interview. We have interviewed many candidates that have the right skills and experience however, personality wise, they just don’t pass the test. The real world In reality, we are all different. […]

character building jobs

Have you ever had a ‘Character Building’ job?

Would you work in a recycling plant sorting people’s recycling by hand? I did… and yes… I survived! It was definitely one of those character building jobs that made me step far outside my comfort zone and one that I am still glad that I did. At the time of my move from Sydney to […]

recruiting is tough

Recruiting – It’s a tough audience at the moment!

… and comedians think that they have a tough audience! Lately, the market has been flooded with some great candidates. A lot of them are vying for that one opportunity that’s being advertised and are becoming increasingly frustrated when not getting to the next stage, which to some extent, is understandable. Just the other week, […]

Job Offers – the fun part of recruitment!

This fortnight we are looking at our favourite part of the recruitment process: Job Offers. We all love this part and there are some things that you should know… Watch our video blog and see what we think… Feel free to call us on 1300558979 to have a chat about how you recruit and what […]

you snooze you lose

“You snooze, you lose!”

I am sure that we have all heard this term before and I am also sure that at least once, we have let an opportunity pass by from over-thinking or procrastinating. I definitely learned this in my early days as a recruiter when dealing with great candidates – if my client took too long to make a […]

Why do you want this job?

For both the employer and the job applicant, this can actually be a very difficult question if you looked at it in detail – for an employer: why does this person want the role or, as a candidate: why do I want this role? We have had a range of applicants with a range of […]

Job applications – Are you getting noticed?

You recently applied for some roles that you really felt matched your experience and skill set and …. would you believe it… no phone call for an interview. Not even a response. What happened? We have all been in this situation before and it isn’t fun. I remember when I landed on the Gold Coast […]

Recruiting the right way – it can be enjoyable!

We had the joy of recruiting a new staff member recently and it was great to have the feeling of not just offering a role to someone for one of our clients, but to actually offer them an opportunity with our own company. It gave me a really good insight again into the feeling that […]

The Power of Personal Presentation – First Impressions Count!

Speaking recently with Rita from Rita Noon Image Consulting about a candidate that was a nice kid but just wasn’t presented for interview (thongs, shorts, cigarette packet on the table), I thought that it would be great to grab her insights into personal presentation that may just help you score that next job or career […]