3 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Outcomes

Recruiting a new staff member can be a lot of work, way more than you anticipated. Yes, it’s quite straight-forward to put an ad together, post it and wait to see what happens, however, what happens next can either pump you up or deflate you and your candidates. We often get approached by employers citing that their processing time has blown out, they’ve lost candidates and the just want to hand it over to us to start from scratch. We looked at 3 things some of our clients do that have helped improve their recruitment experience from being dull and forgettable to an enjoyable one. Even if you take just one thing from this, it is worth reading on..

1: Planning

When we say planning, we mean the entire recruitment process. Set yourself some goals and time frames to achieve during the process. By this we mean, how long do you want to advertise, what day do you want to screen applications, by what date or time frame do you want to schedule interviews, when do you want to have a job offer in place, when do you want the person to start? Instead of having the scattergun approach associated with ‘we needed them yesterday’ take a breath, map it out and stick to the schedule – you will be surprised at the difference it can make.

2: Social Media Checks

Please just do it. Let’s just say you have 300 applicants come through for an administration role which is highly likely. On average you would get down to about 20 that closely match the profile you are seeking. You can either schedule them all in for calls or bring some in for interview and hope for the best. The problem is it’s a blind date at this stage. It takes very little time to jump into Facebook or LinkedIn and look at a profile – it’s either going to be all systems go or a complete no no. You will be surprised at how many you eliminate from the list you have and save a lot of time and effort.

3: Use Technology

This is more likely targeted at a larger organisation that recruits more often. We use a cloud-based recruitment platform to load jobs across multiple platforms and track applications. The beauty of a good system is that it saves a huge amount of time, has a searchable database for upcoming roles, has functionality to be automated when communicating with job seekers, and can be accessed from multiple devices on the go or in the office. They are also not as expensive as you would think – the ROI against lost time from old school methods is huge.

With recruitment being our core function at New Point, we get results from incorporating these practices into our day to day way of doing business. You too can benefit from adding one or all of these into your recruitment process. Feel free to call us on 1300 558 979 to find out exactly how we implement these practices in our business.