5 Ideas to Attract the Best Talent to Your Business

In the race to attract and retain the greatest talent, it’s easy to assume that if you pay enough, you’ll always get the best person for the job. Wrong! An attractive salary is a driver to get good applicants through your door, however your business needs to stand out from the crowd. A new employee is an investment in your business, so to attract the best, we’ve outlined 5 tips you can implement before your next hire.

1. Share Your Vision, Mission and Goals on your website.

This strategy helps you to find people who really engage with what your company wants to achieve. When an employee’s values match that of the company they work for; great things can happen.

2. Offer the opportunity to work from home.

This could be as little as once a fortnight; or every day, depending on the type of role. It doesn’t work for everyone, but if people aren’t required to work at a specific place and given some flexibility in working conditions, the role can be promoted to a far larger network. Your perfect employee may live further than 30 minutes from your office and could be weighing up whether to apply or not, having this flexibility may just be the sweetener that secures them.

3. Create a workplace culture that others will want to be a part of.

It doesn’t mean you need to bring in bean bags and introduce a table tennis table, but it does mean investing in the people in your workplace in a meaningful way. A great way is to share happy snaps of your team and memorable events on your business social media channels, so that prospective employees can see what it’s like to be part of your workplace culture

4. Be unique.

What is the one point of difference between your business and all the other businesses in your local area? Promote that uniqueness throughout your recruitment process and social media. Don’t forget, your business is also being assessed by candidates considering their next move.

5. Don’t rush the process.

Your recruitment process should be robust and tailored for each role within your business. If you can avoid it, don’t just hire someone to ‘fill the gap’. Working with a professional recruiting firm can make this step a breeze.

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