Attracting Professionals to Your Firm

(3 minute read): Hiring professionals for your firm can be an overwhelming and challenging process. With the right tactics and an understanding of what attracts a person to your business, a recruiter can work with you to navigate this process and source appropriately qualified and talented professionals for you.

As an employer, there are ways you can market your business to make it more appealing to professionals. Some strategies that will ensure you attract candidates with the right talent include:

Reputation – Become known as a great employer

Building a strong brand perception will strengthen the reputation of your company. A good reputation will add value to your business and make it more likely to attract candidates who share similar values. Reputation is developed over time in a number of different ways. Prioritise the happiness of your team by keeping them positive and motivated. You want current and former employees to talk positively about the workplace, making potential candidates feel as though it’s a culture they would like to contribute to.  As an employer, it’s vital that the relationship you share with your clients reflects positively on the principles and ethics of your business and should be shared with your team and on your website through client testimonials. Your clients are a fundamental contributor to your success and reputation and giving people access to what your clients say about you, will give a long term benefit.

Present yourself as a professional business

As simple as it may sound, if you want to attract the right talent for your company, you must present yourself as a professional business. You want to be easily accessible and present a professional image to future candidates. Branding should be consistent and communicate the values and service you provide. You will struggle to attract professional candidates if your business isn’t marketed to appeal to these individuals.

Identify your benefits and use them

If you want to attract professional candidates, you need to be able to identify what you can offer them and use this to your advantage. Differentiating yourself by highlighting the benefits you can offer to an ideal candidate will show the calibre of employee you are hoping to source. For example, being able to offer a generous remuneration package, ongoing professional development, a good culture and ample office space will be attractive to a potential employee. Know your strengths as a business and know what differentiates you from your competitors. When recruiting professional roles it’s likely you will have applicants who are coming from these competing firms.

Education and experience – Finding a balance  

As you’re aware, when employing industry professionals there are required qualifications applicants must obtain to be considered for the position. Having a solid job specification outlining these requirements as well as the ideal person specification will help you define what you are really requiring to help grow your business. It’s essential that you conduct background and reference checks to verify information that you receive from a candidate. In our process at New Point, we like to cross reference the candidate, not just by contacting references but also looking into the candidate’s social media channels and verifying qualifications. An industry professional should have an up to date LinkedIn profile and a well-connected network. Social channels such as LinkedIn are creating Influencers within specific industries – we’ve seen it and these people are creating well-connected networks that could be advantageous to your firm.

If you’re unsure of how to market yourself to attract prospective talent, the team at New Point will happily assist you in creating a strong profile to advertise and market your vacancy. We can also direct you to experts who can help you increase your brand awareness in the market.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie and David.