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Creating a Positive Workplace Culture in Your Gold Coast Business

The phrase ‘workplace culture’ is a term that has definitely seen more light of day in recent years and yet still, there is huge speculation about what workplace culture actually means. As a recruitment agency based on the Gold Coast, New Point Recruitment has gained some great insights on some local businesses that do ‘workplace […]

3 Tips to Create a Smooth Transition For a New Hire

When recruiting a new employee, there is a lot of time, resources and organisation that goes into creating a smooth transition into the company. This transitional process from candidate to employee is known as onboarding and is one of the most important components within the recruitment process. An article published by the Harvard Business Review […]

Rejecting candidates the right way

As recruiters, we often get asked by our clients when is the ideal time to send out a rejection notice. Generally, most of us have a good sense within 30 seconds of reading an application or meeting a person, whether or not they would be the right person for the position. Rejecting candidates is a […]

Returning to Work… Soon. The New Challenges

I was speaking with a Lawyer the other day about how everything has changed in the employment landscape at the moment, and not just that, more so about how a lot of things moving forward are likely to change. The interesting thing is that a lot of people are working from home, both employers and […]

How to Get a Job Quickly on the Gold Coast

In the current economy you will have to act swiftly to pick up work. With people being displaced or being made redundant due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) there is a large influx of jobseekers into the market all vying for the limited opportunities available. Make no mistake – it will be a challenge. So, how do […]

5 top tips for overcoming rejection from interview

Being unsuccessful or rejected for anything never feels great. Whether it is the dreaded rejection letter, phone call or email; being rejected can severely dent your confidence especially if you have had several rejections in a short space of time. As a candidate it is important to remember that this is not an uncommon experience […]

Personality / Psychometric Testing – Is it Needed?

I never believed in personality or psychometric tests, until I took one. I couldn’t understand how answering a series of multiple choice questions could determine my personality and character traits. So given my nature of being an explorer, I took a test to prove myself right. To my surprise, my results were so well aligned […]

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Christmas time is commonly associated with drinking, socialising and loosening up for what many people call the ‘silly season’. Businesses tend to wind down and the office begins to clear out as the year comes to a close.  What many employers don’t know is that they could be missing out on some great talent by […]