Benefits of Using a Gold Coast Recruitment Agency For Your Next Hire

Recruiting new staff on the Gold Coast can be a challenge, especially in our current market.

There are many benefits in outsourcing your recruitment process to a recruitment agency instead of taking this task on for yourself.

New Point Recruitment has been operating in the Gold Coast marketplace for over 12 years now and from our experience, we have seen a lot of change as well as being at the forefront of adopting new search methods to source highly skilled talent for our clients’ businesses. The challenge we have seen from our clients is that they are just too busy doing what they do to have to drop everything and focus on a recruitment campaign. Instead they turn to us as the local industry professionals to shortlist and present candidates for them to select from.

We have summed up some of the benefits of outsourcing the process to a recruitment agency, instead of in-house hiring:

Market knowledge

Recruiters have current market knowledge (we know the Gold Coast job market very well). We have direct insights into roles that are in high demand, what the candidate pool is currently like, knowledge of current salary / pay rates, hiring processes and current trends in attracting those in our market. Your Recruiter can be a powerful ally in helping your company attract the best talent; not only do we know the market, we also have built relationships with candidates that have become part of our network in the Gold Coast market to be able to present to our clients.

Access to skilled candidates

Recruiters have pre-existing relationships with active and passive candidates in the local market. Our role is to build and nurture relationships with job seekers and expand our network so that we have a database to refer to when we receive an enquiry for a vacancy from an employer.  Using a range of platforms we can either advertise for new candidates to receive inbound enquiries for your role, reach out to candidates through our network that we are already aware of, or conduct a specific search (often referred to as headhunting) for talent to meet a specialised need for our clients.

Higher retention rate

Another major positive of using a recruitment agency instead of in-house hiring is the potential to increase your retention rate of new hires. As we are specialists in recruitment, we use a defined methodology in our search and selection process to screen out candidates that may not be the right fit. From our experience, we have often spoken with new clients that turned to using our services due to not being the expert themselves in hiring – they’ve had repeated failures from hiring the wrong people or by just not being able to find the right person and hiring to just fill the gap, hoping the person would work out. Using a Recruiter can help minimise the risk of hiring the wrong person for the role –  a really good Recruiter will focus on culture fit as well as doing the appropriate background checks to ensure that the person is a strong match technically and from a team fit with the focus on long term retention of the new hire. Most agencies also offer a guarantee period, meaning that if a new hire doesn’t stay for the guaranteed period (usually 3 months), the agency will replace the person without additional costs.

Save time and costs
Finally, using a recruitment agency will most definitely save you time and also have the benefit of being cost effective for your company. Whilst there is a focus on the fee that an agency charges, when weighed up against the cost benefit to securing a skilled candidate for your company and the process involved to do so, it can be quite an attractive proposition. The hiring process can end up being an expensive activity for any organisation. Think of the costs of advertising, the use of internal resources (think of everyone involved, the time taken and the hourly rates for all of those people), screening of resumes, interviews with multiple candidates, reference and background checks through to offers and final negotiations; there’s a lot involved by the time you’ve secured a new hire, that is, if you were successful in doing so! A Recruiter will manage all of that process for you, effectively, this is what you are paying them to do – seek out and deliver people that match your criteria – you only become involved when necessary for final interviews and any questions/decisions that pop up during the recruitment process.

There are many benefits in using a recruitment agency and the above that we’ve outlined are a few really good examples of how we can help you source great people for your company. If you are contemplating using a recruiter for an upcoming hire or would like to know about the current marketplace, please visit our contact page and reach out to us to talk further about how we can help you.