We have moved, new website and new services

Things are moving!

Hey, it’s David from New Point Recruitment. We have had a busy month at our agency with an office relocation, a new website, new staff and also an addition to our services. Not only that, we have seen an increase in vacancies over the past 6 months including good sentiment with employers across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW markets.

New office

We have relocated from our last place of over 3 years to our new premises at Suite 10A, Level 1 at 47 Ashmore road Bundall. A big thanks to my lovely wife who painted whilst I worked on filling some vital roles. We are loving the new space and it already feels like home. There is also ample free parking on site for clients and a cafe downstairs “Cafe 47” that serves very, very good coffee and refreshments.

New website

We have launched a new look website that has improved functionality, is easy to follow and has a live integrated job board for candidates to view current vacancies. Visit www.newpointrecruitment.com.au to have a look. We are always interested in feedback or suggestions/improvements that we could action to improve the user experience.

New services

To provide a holistic service to our clients beyond recruitment, we have full HR services as well as business consulting and business improvement services. In conversations with our clients, we have always spoken at a deeper level due to our interest in business and as such, have expanded our services to help clients improve their business. Visit our Employer Services page to find out more about what we do and how we can help you further.

New staff

Brian Vadas has joined our team as a Business Consultant. He brings a lot of experience to the team and is a really personable guy that thinks outside the square. He continues to work with start-ups right through to multi-national clients.

Thanks for reading. We are also firing up our Blog again after a long break to bring you some interesting reads, insights into the market and hopefully a few laughs to go with it.


David Ford.

Exit interviews – why are your employees leaving you?

Have you ever stopped to think how much staff turnover you have had in the last two years or even in the last year? If the answer is ‘Yes, we have lost a few people’, do you actually know why, and whether it was avoidable?

Losing a staff member doesn’t just end with them walking out the door and a farewell cake or drinks – what else are they taking with them – knowledge about your business, customers that they have built rapport with, and knowledge of systems and processes. Think about a time when you had been an employee and resigned from a role – what knowledge did you bring to the next role or to your own business? Although it is generally unintentional to use this information in a harmful way against your business, you can’t undo the training that the now ex-employee has gained on how your business operates. If moving on to a competitor, it is this knowledge and training that has made them valuable – that’s why they employed them – right?

At the end of the day, staff will inevitably leave you at some time. However, getting a better insight into why staff leave will help in minimising this and could possibly lead to having skilled people knocking on your door to join you as an employer of choice! Who wouldn’t love that?

Working with some great local clients and through our own research, has shown us some effective tips and processes that would actually capture this information – some organisations are really doing a great job of this, others just aren’t doing it at all. We have all heard of exit interviews or exit surveys but do you do them, or more importantly, do you conduct them 100% of the time?  An effective exit interview will show you a number of things about your business, your staff, internal communications, the role that they performed in, and the perception of the business among other things. Generally an employee leaves “for a new opportunity” but did that just disguise the fact that they really weren’t happy with a number of things and wanted to leave on good terms?

Wouldn’t you love to know the following?

  • Were they happy with their direct supervisor? (4 staff leaving in 9 months may tell you a different story)
  • Did they feel that they received sufficient training in their role(s)
  • What did they enjoy?
  • What didn’t they enjoy?
  • Have they heard good or poor feedback about the company?
  • Do they believe in your product or service?
  • Did they feel adequately paid in their role? (this is actually not the main decider for a person to leave – there is always something else that tips them)
  • Were there any internal conflicts (a covert workplace bully can often be identified over a short time – we have seen it happen!)
  • If anything had changed, would that have kept them on board?

There are so many questions that could be asked and answered however, you want to keep it relevant to your workplace. Always keep the aim of the interview firmly in your mind when designing the survey and include open ended questions to get appropriate feedback to action. If you would like to know more about exit interviews and the questions that can help your business retain valuable staff, please call David on 0414862979 to discuss this further.

Wouldn’t it be great to know why an employee has left you? It could make a huge difference to the way you manage your business… and in this economy… every little bit helps!

Recruitment… not just taking a job order!

We hope you are having a great day.

Last week I was asked what we did as a recruitment agency and what the difference is between service levels of recruitment companies. You can scour a myriad of recruitment websites to see what we all do as recruiters but the difference is in how and why we do it. Look at the job you are in now, you weren’t a master of what you currently do overnight. It took good training, mentoring from those that knew how to do it and a desire to actually do it.

This brings me back to my point – Recruitment Services and going beyond someone that is just taking a job order. You will experience a difference in service level and candidate quality when engaging the expertise of a recruiter that understands the importance of their role in securing the right staff for you. Is your recruiter trained in HR, experienced in recruitment and focused on how a new employee fits in your business or are they primarily taking a job order and matching skills to obtain a sale? What accountability does your recruiter have – is it their own business where everything rests on their service or are they part of a larger organisation that can absorb a wayward deal? It’s a tough but realistic question for you to consider and the answer will be in what you experience. There are some really great recruiters out there working for large and small recruitment companies that give excellent service (this is where I mention New Point Recruitment), love what they do and are trained in recruiting effectively.

Best regards,

David Ford.