Free Personality Testing and Other Resources

This week we have compiled a list of links to free resources on the web for your business including a personality test that is very simple for candidates to take and delivers results that can assist your hiring decision. We often speak with small businesses that get stuck somewhere in the hiring process and also managing performing and under-performing staff during their tenure. The links that we have outlined provide forms, templates and guidance to help you in your business.

Personality Testing

We often get asked about personality tests and what is the best one, do we do them and how much do they cost. The best answer is that there are quite a few of them, they all claim to be the best and the cost varies considerably. Why not try a free test at: 16Personalities  they have recently updated their website and it has a really good interface for anyone to use. We recently used it as a tool for two hires and found them to deliver accurate results based on our pre-assumed thoughts from the interview stage. The best idea with any personality test is to try it on yourself first and see how the results relate to who you are, then you can try it out on others. Our agency uses personality tests as a tool in the reference checking stage for any ‘red flags’ that appeared rather than basing it solely on a hiring decision.

Tools, Templates and Guides for your Business

We also get asked about various resources such as templates for letters of offer, forms and guides for performance management or counselling of staff and recruitment tools including reference checking. there are a lot of places on the internet to go to however it is all about being current and compliant to protect your business. Whilst probably not as creative as other sources, the Fair Work Ombudsman ‘Templates & Guides’ web page has a page specifically designed to provide a good number of tools to use. The reason for sending you there is simple – if you do find yourself in trouble with an employee and they decide to take it further, what better way to back yourself and the company by showing evidence that you followed the Fair Work Ombudsman’s guide?

Business Management and Growth 

Another handy resource is the Government’s Business and Industry Portal which has a lot of information for starting up, running and growing your business. Jump onto the site and it will give you access to a very broad range of information including tendering, grants and other resources available to you as well as general tools for the day to day management of your business.


We believe that the resources outlined can help your business when used correctly and if you get stuck or have any questions, always feel free to make contact with us to help you find a solution.