How to Get a Job Quickly on the Gold Coast

In the current economy you will have to act swiftly to pick up work. With people being displaced or being made redundant due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) there is a large influx of jobseekers into the market all vying for the limited opportunities available. Make no mistake – it will be a challenge.

So, how do you find work?

You need to be across all channels such as LinkedIn, being active on job boards and scanning social media to see if companies are hiring. The good news is that companies are still hiring. Reach out to friends, family and your contacts to have them alert you of anything they see or hear.

How do I get a job on the Gold Coast?

Firstly, you need to do a few things. The most important thing is to drop any ego and take something that will pay the bills. So many people often worry about what others think. Who really cares if you end up doing taking a job that you last did when you were 17 such as stacking shelves at Coles or Woolworths? They are hiring at the moment for those exact roles, they pay money and you will feel good doing it – it could actually be a breath of fresh air from a high paying, high pressure management role you have been doing. It’s most likely only temporary so just do it. David, our Director, wrote a blog a few years ago about this exact scenario for himself: Have You Ever Had a Character Building Job?

The next thing you need to do is get your resume and application letters into order. At this moment in time, if someone asks you for your resume, you need to have it ready to send to them. It’s unacceptable to send it 2 days later when you’re scrambling to put one together – the other person did and they’ve been given the job.

As mentioned, reach out to your contacts, scan jobs boards, LinkedIn, social media and the news – that’s where the current opportunities are listed or discussed. We’ve seen a number of people on our LinkedIn feed with full lists of jobs in government, healthcare, supermarkets and telecommunications companies who are seeking large volumes of workers to  assist those businesses in the current situation.

The real question is how badly do you want or need a job and what type of job are you willing to do in order to make money and live comfortably? If you are really needing fast employment and are willing to drop the ego, put some preparation into your job search and reach out to people for help, then yes, you could find a job quickly. If you however, you are unwilling to drop these ideals then finding a job will be a challenge in the current environment. We’re not stating that you should deviate from your career, we’re saying that whilst hunting for your regular work, have a broad mind at other opportunities that are out there that will provide financial relief for you and your family.

It’s a crazy time in the world. We really wish the best for you to get back on your feet if you’ve been affected. We hoe that life returns to normal for everyone as soon as possible. Take care and stay safe!