If I looked at your Facebook profile what would I find out about you?

Just over a week ago I posted a story that I found about recruiters and potential employers using Facebook and other social media sites to screen applicants out. Yes, we actually use social media as a tool in the process of finding out more about you. Remember at interview when we would ask about your hobbies or what you do in your free time? Well, most of that is now said in what you write and post on Facebook in your public profile!

I came across a graphic from a recent post by a company called Reppler (http://blog.reppler.com) that I would like to share with you. It was from research that they conducted on 300 hiring companies in the US and gives you a clear indication of what those companies do during the hiring process when social media is concerned.

Reppler (http://blog.reppler.com/) recently conducted a survey of 300 professionals who are involved in the hiring process at their company to understand the use of social networks for screening job applicants. The results of this survey are shown in this infographic.

To be really clear, this has become part of the screening process and why not? It gives us an impression of who you may be. At the end of the day the perception of who you are is in the eye of the beholder and you need to take that into consideration if you have a public profile for all to see. We have seen some crazy stuff on Facebook that I just can’t print here and clearly states “Do not hire me!!!” You may be a fantastic and professional worker that hits target after target, but you also like to work hard and play hard at the same time – just keep in mind that what you post can reflect on your chances of being called for an interview.

Just think for a moment… if you are looking for a new job and posted “I can’t stand my boss” or “taking a sickie today he-he” which we have actually seen posted, how does that look to a potential employer or recruiter if they are doing a simple check on Facebook?

What does your Facebook profile say about you? 

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