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Last week I was asked what we did as a recruitment agency and what the difference is between service levels of recruitment companies. You can scour a myriad of recruitment websites to see what we all do as recruiters but the difference is in how and why we do it. Look at the job you are in now, you weren’t a master of what you currently do overnight. It took good training, mentoring from those that knew how to do it and a desire to actually do it.

This brings me back to my point – Recruitment Services and going beyond someone that is just taking a job order. You will experience a difference in service level and candidate quality when engaging the expertise of a recruiter that understands the importance of their role in securing the right staff for you. Is your recruiter trained in HR, experienced in recruitment and focused on how a new employee fits in your business or are they primarily taking a job order and matching skills to obtain a sale? What accountability does your recruiter have – is it their own business where everything rests on their service or are they part of a larger organisation that can absorb a wayward deal? It’s a tough but realistic question for you to consider and the answer will be in what you experience. There are some really great recruiters out there working for large and small recruitment companies that give excellent service (this is where I mention New Point Recruitment), love what they do and are trained in recruiting effectively.

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David Ford.

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  1. Nathan Elcoate says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for an informative post, you obviously love what you do.

    Thanks for another great update, glad to see the Blog coming along.



  2. Nelson Wockner says:

    I know what you are saying David. As you are the business owner dealing directly with his clients, your clients receive the best service from someone who understands the imperative of choosing the best candidate as the newest employee for a business!

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