Thank you. New Point Recruitment turns 3 this week!

Hello past and present clients, candidates and my network. I really want to say – THANK YOU!

Your trust in us to deliver quality candidates, the referrals that we have received for new business and your engagement in the recruiting space has made the last three years as New Point Recruitment an enjoyable one.

Yes, we have made it past the terrible two’s, ok it wasn’t that terrible, we had some great support along the way! The event also marks my ninth consecutive year recruiting on the Gold Coast and in that time we have met some really interesting businesses that are moving forward in their industry and some candidates with great aspirations and interesting backgrounds.

Reflecting on the last three years and where we, as Gold Coast businesses are now, some interesting points really stand out:

  • Innovation has been the key – Those that struggled in 2009 when the effects of the GFC really started to take hold, chose to review their business, planned new ways of doing what they do, and implemented changes are now finally starting to reap the rewards for their efforts
  • Calculated risks – Some businesses that I have worked with recently went against some of the trends, took a risk and started new arms of their business when others were pulling out. As outsiders they could see what others weren’t doing well and saw an opportunity to offer something more… and it’s worked for them
  • Networking – Whilst this has always been happening, we have noticed a larger group of people networking at selected events. Yes, some events aren’t for everyone, but the consistency of being seen has increased their profile and business dramatically – it beats cold calling by a long shot. We highly recommend networking events that have an educational element to them.
  • Online presence – those that have embraced social media (and have done it well), made their website engaging, introduced shopping carts for products and introduced data capturing on their websites have seen a high increase in leads generated and also an increase in ‘sleeper products’ being sold without them having to do anything
  • Recruitment has changed – With the number of business closures in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions and tightening of budgets, quite a number of recruiters (and businesses) left the market – up to 60% left the industry! Personally we have also seen a change in the type of businesses using recruiters due to the innovative process that we took in creating a range of packages to suit varying budgets. When we introduced our screening service and mid range “Deluxe” service, we saw an influx of smaller businesses using us to recruit for them. Whilst they had always wanted to use a recruitment agency, they had previously been ‘locked out’ of the market due to the large fees historically demanded in the industry. We found that our range of services opened an opportunity for you, as a smaller business to benefit from using an external recruiter
  • Candidates – With business closures, redundancies and tightening of budgets, we saw a large increase in candidate numbers. The most important issue that we found was that even with the increase in job seekers, it did not necessarily mean that the market was flooded with exceptionally skilled candidates. Yes, there were definitely some great ones out there that we placed and the good ones were, and still are, getting snapped up fast.
Once again, thank you. we hope that you have enjoyed working with us, our insights and our weekly blog created for you. We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Best regards,
David Ford
New Point Recruitment
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  1. Liezel says:

    Hi David,

    Congratulations on turning 3. Well done! and I wish your business many more prosperous years to come.

    Liezel Carreon

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