Why Hiring in December Will be Your Best Decision This Year

The old rules about hiring new employees should be thrown out the window when it comes to hiring in December. There are so many great reasons to hire your newest team member through the silly season; don’t let a date in the calendar hold you back from taking the next step to finding your perfect new employee.


1. Everyone else is waiting until January.
While hiring managers are holding back, you get the opportunity to interview candidates your competitors will be scrambling over, come January. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to meet some really dedicated job seekers, who haven’t given up their new career aspirations, simply because it’s December.


2. They’re a contributing member of the team for the new year.
When January is suddenly February, and then March and you’re only just getting your new employee inducted, because the beginning of the year is always so busy, you’ll be wishing you’d started recruiting now. Each year seems to fly by, faster and faster! Most clients we recruit for, want to start someone ‘yesterday!’ It’s rarely any different come January.


3. It’s party time!
December is renowned for Christmas party celebrations and recognition and rewards for jobs well done. If your company really gets into the spirit of the season, what better way is there to welcome someone to the team, than with a party? Their fellow team members are likely to be a little more giving and forgiving in December, compared to the inevitable, busy catch up time that occurs for businesses the following month.


4. You can better plan for 2018.
If your recruit has specialist skills you didn’t realise you’ve always needed; having them on-boarded before you start on your 2018 strategy means a better thought-out plan, utilizing their expertise to guide your strategy.


5. Flexibility with interviews
At this time of year, with events and Gold Coast social calendars full, it’s possible your dream candidate will have a better, or less noticeable excuse to take time off for your interview. The balance of maintaining an existing role, whilst looking for a new one, is always challenging, so hirers may also have to be flexible to meet prospective candidates.


If you’re still not sure that hiring in December is right for you, get in touch with us on 1300 558 979, and have a chat with David about your recruiting plans for 2018; you may be able to start someone sooner than you think!