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The Steps I Took as a Graduate to Secure a New Job

This week we have our guest writer Jaaden who is in her final year of University studying HR. She has also joined our team and shares her story on how tough the market is and what it takes to get into your chosen field after University. Here’s her story: Finding a job after graduation can […]

3 Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Outcomes

Recruiting a new staff member can be a lot of work, way more than you anticipated. Yes, it’s quite straight-forward to put an ad together, post it and wait to see what happens, however, what happens next can either pump you up or deflate you and your candidates. We often get approached by employers citing […]

How to Get Selected For Interview

We speak with so many applicants on a daily basis and screen through hundreds of resumes weekly on behalf of our clients. We have a lot of successes through choosing candidates that responded correctly, acted appropriately and were able to sell their skills and experience to win the job. What about those that didn’t make […]

You just said what?

I had a candidate sitting in our reception this week that made the decision to ruin their chances for a role prior to sitting down with me for interview. “You have a lot of Asians in this building” the applicant called out as I was preparing before coming out to see them. I nearly fell over with […]

Interview No-Shows – Not Very Cool

From time to time we can all relate to scheduling in an interview with a candidate and then have them not attend, or in today’s case, reschedule and then not attend anyway. In most cases the person vanishes from the face of the earth. You do the follow up call and/or text just in case […]

Free Personality Testing and Other Resources

This week we have compiled a list of links to free resources on the web for your business including a personality test that is very simple for candidates to take and delivers results that can assist your hiring decision. We often speak with small businesses that get stuck somewhere in the hiring process and also […]

Do They Have Open Plan Offices?

Does their workplace have open plan offices or closed work spaces? I heard this a few months ago from a candidate and didn’t think too much of it until recently when I have started hearing it again during interviews. It’s an interesting question and it makes me wonder what the future office holds and how […]

We have moved, new website and new services

Things are moving! Hey, it’s David from New Point Recruitment. We have had a busy month at our agency with an office relocation, a new website, new staff and also an addition to our services. Not only that, we have seen an increase in vacancies over the past 6 months including good sentiment with employers […]