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Mental Health Awareness Month: Wellbeing at Work

How a wellbeing strategy can benefit your workplace. Following on from our previous article surrounding the topic of mental health, we have outlined the key areas necessary for implementing a sustainable wellbeing strategy in your workplace. Managing the wellbeing of staff includes monitoring workplace culture, staff remuneration and a healthy work-life balance. Wellbeing strategy In […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: Dealing With Rejection / Criticism

October is Mental Health Awareness month, giving Australians the chance to take a step back and reflect on how they can support the people around them. We wanted to contribute by writing an article that generates conversation about mental health with a recruitment perspective. Being rejected for a job hurts. Just like receiving negative feedback […]

Attracting Professionals to Your Firm

(3 minute read): Hiring professionals for your firm can be an overwhelming and challenging process. With the right tactics and an understanding of what attracts a person to your business, a recruiter can work with you to navigate this process and source appropriately qualified and talented professionals for you. As an employer, there are ways […]

How to Retain my Generation – Millennials

This week, we have a contribution from our new Marketing Assistant Sophie with her views on how to retain her generation – millennials: The stereotype of millennials jumping from one job to the next is all too real. I would know, because I am one. I’ve even come across articles that refer to us as […]

Why Onboarding is a Critical Step in Your Recruitment Process

Write the position description. Post job advertisement. Phone screen. Hold interviews. Complete reference checks. Present job offer. Confirm acceptance. Your recruitment process is complete, right? Not necessarily! The onboarding of your new employee is a critical part of the process, and often the least considered when it comes to recruitment. There is often stress, and […]

5 Ideas to Attract the Best Talent to Your Business

In the race to attract and retain the greatest talent, it’s easy to assume that if you pay enough, you’ll always get the best person for the job. Wrong! An attractive salary is a driver to get good applicants through your door, however your business needs to stand out from the crowd. A new employee […]

How to Win That Job – 7 Simple Ways

Whether you’re a seasoned job seeker, or a newly graduated year 12 student (congratulations!), there are many steps available to increase the chances of winning your next role. This week, we’ll start with the basics everyone should follow, before you get to an interview. These little tricks make all the difference at the outset of […]

Never Fall in Love!

I recall having an Executive vying for a $200k role a few years ago. We were down to the last three, he was a stand-out and the CEO was honed in on him well above the other candidates. He won the role, was offered and declined – he just wanted to meet the CEO (in […]

No Smokers Please!

Is it discriminatory to request that we screen out smokers when hiring a new employee for our client or is it just a workplace right that other non-smokers should have in their place of work? Knowing the dangers of smoking and second hand smoke, could it even be considered as a Workplace Health and Safety […]